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UKPQ can be completed anywhere | UKPQ works on PCs MACs laptops tablets and phones
UKPQ works in any browser | UKPQ works on windows, mac, android, ios, amazon fire, windows mobile...
UKPQ was made for education | UKPQ is used by colleges, schools, academies, free schools and primary schools across the UK
UKPQ works well in many sectors | UKPQ works in finance, retail, healthcare, distribution, insurance and wholesale
UKPQ was made for healthcare | UKPQ was developed in education and healthcare and is used in more than 20 actute hospitals
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We will set up a UKPQ for completion if you call us or use our webshop. A full UKPQ and premium report (including interview guidance, a narrative section, strengths and development needs, team roles and leadership qualities) is just £150+vat.

To set up a UKPQ via our webshop, all you need is the name and e-mail address of the person (or people) you wish to complete it. You can pay securely by any Debit/Credit card via PayPal.

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The UKPQ is a professionally-designed psychometric instrument. It has excellent reliability and validity and can be used in a variety of circumstances. Normally these will include: recruitment, selection, personal and professional development and counselling.

The sectors using UKPQ most are: Education, Healthcare, Finance, Pharmacy, Retail, Wholesale, Insurance and Distribution.

If you have been asked to complete the UKPQ, you will have been given a login ID and password. If you haven't, then please ask for them from the people who require you to complete the UKPQ. If you have a login ID and password, and would like to continue with the questionnaire, please click the 'Complete UKPQ' button below.

Please be honest with your answers - the only reason you have been asked to complete the questionnaire is so that we can understand you better, and to consider your likely approach to a number of situations. The results will not be viewed in isolation, and will always be discussed and checked with you before use, as part of an ongoing process of validation.

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