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Over 4,500 senior educationists, and over 3900 senior healthcare professionals have completed UKPQ 360° since its release in 2010. More than 900 Heads and Principals and over 11,500 SLT members leading some hugely successful schools have found benefit in UKPQ 360°’s guidance and feedback.

UKPQ 360°

This is the UKPQ 360°, not the UKPQ.

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The UKPQ 360° is where you give feedback to your colleague.  There are 47 questions and statements about your colleague’s behaviour at work. For most, all you have to do is to decide if you agree with them or not, in relation to whether they represent the way he/she prefers to behave, and how strongly.  PLEASE TRY TO USE THE FULL SCALE - FROM END TO END AS YOU TRULY UNDERSTAND YOUR COLLEAGUE TO BEHAVE.

Please be honest with your answers -the results will be used completely anonymously, and only in conjunction with your colleague’s own view - it is in the differences, oftentimes, that true growth can be found.

At the end of this questionnaire, you are asked a short series of questions for you to type your thoughts on how to help your colleague to improve. Please be as constructive and helpful as you can.