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UKPQ can be completed anywhere | UKPQ works on PCs MACs laptops tablets and phones
UKPQ works in any browser | UKPQ works on windows, mac, android, ios, amazon fire, windows mobile...
UKPQ was made for education | UKPQ is used by colleges, schools, academies, free schools and primary schools across the UK
UKPQ works well in many sectors | UKPQ works in finance, retail, healthcare, distribution, insurance and wholesale
UKPQ was made for healthcare | UKPQ was developed in education and healthcare and is used in more than 20 actute hospitals
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An international packaging company has discovered the value of employment testing - and of the UKPQ in particular. "After some bad experiences with other providers, we discovered ASDTi.

The UKPQ is so flexible, so accurate, and it does just what we needed" said the European HR Director. "We have used it in an assessment centre context within the sales team, the factory management and the engineering sections.

We have made better decisions as a result.”

About the ukpq

The UKPQ is a comprehensive instrument designed and standardised in the UK during the 21st century. It has found enormous success in the Education, Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Manufacturing & Distribution sectors, and has been used in the selection & development of thousands of Headteachers, Principals, SLT members, Hospital Managers and business leaders since its introduction in 2005. UKPQ can be set up with once quick call, administered immediately and a report generated in minutes!

Standardised and normed in the UK, the instrument has been constructed, standardised and validated in the middle years of the '00s. Relevant to today's staff, it taps into behaviour using today's language. Because we constructed the UKPQ from first principles, we could measure constructs that we knew made a real difference to performance. In addition, we were able to achieve class-leading reliability and validity. Valid, and reliable - that's UKPQ!       


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“We were initially sceptical about psychometrics, but I must say, we have emerged absolutely convinced of their use in a selection AND a developmental context. UKPQ is excellent in every way.”

Principal, NEW College, Pontefract

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