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Did you know?

Over 7,500 applicants for senior roles in Education, and over 4,500 senior healthcare professionals have completed UKPQ since its release in 2005. More than 2,500 Heads and Principals and over 4,000 SLT members leading some hugely successful schools have found benefit in UKPQ’s guidance and feedback.


Thank you for agreeing to complete this questionnaire.  There are 199 statements about your preferred behaviour at work. All you have to do is to decide if you agree with them or not, in relation to whether they represent the way you prefer to behave, and how strongly.

Please be honest with your answers -the results will not be viewed in isolation, and will always be discussed and checked with you before use, as part of an ongoing process of validation.

Try to reply to each statement quite quickly. Studies show that questionnaires are more accurate when you do not 'ponder' your responses for too long. Where you can, try to avoid the middle option - but not at the expense of accuracy.